Madagascar has some of the most beautiful carnelian. Not only is it colourful firey orange red, but it also comes in large nodules, which is rare…there are many countries that have Carnelian, but not uncracked and not in pieces large enough to make the lovely freeforms, spheres, eggs and display pieces that we regularly have made up.


Carnelian was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and Tibetans because it was said to purify and sanctify the body as a temple of spirit. The Egyptian kings and queens wore it because they felt it offered them courage, strength and protection.
Carnelian is a Talisman,
It brings good luck to child and man;
If resting on an onyx ground,
A sacred kiss imprint when found.
It drives away all evil things;
To thee and thine protection brings.
The Name of Allah, king of kings,
If graven on this stone, indeed,
will move to love and doughty deed.
From such a gem a woman gains
Sweet hope and comfort in her pains.