Citrine is a yellow form of Quartz. It was known to the ancient Greeks and the Romans called it the stone of Mercury. It was once considered to be a talisman against snake venom, but it has also been referred to as the merchant’s stone as it was considered to bring success and fortune. Some biblical scholars believe it may have been the golden yellow 10th stone on Aaron’s breastplate mentioned in the book of Exodus.

Solar plexus, will power, achievement of personal goals, optimism, clear thinking,  Citrine is said to be calming for the nervous system.

Queen Victoria was great lover of citrine, partly due to the stone being found in the Scottish Cairngorms, near the house she loved; Balmoral. She wore jewellery with Citrine stones and the people followed suit. Citrine had also been used to adorn the dagger hilts used by Scottish warriors in the 17th century.

****These crystals are expensive because natural Citrine is relatively rare but also because of the difficulty my guys in the Congo go through to get them! 🙂 The region is very remote, the terrain difficult, and half the year it’s completely flooded from rain, many seasons they find nothing and try again next time hoping to find another pocket. Sometimes there are many crystals and sometimes they go for a few years finding nothing.****

Almost all  commercially available Citrine is heat treated Amethyst. Natural Citrine is a pale golden yellow or yellow/smokey.