amethyst crystal cluster
Amethyst Crystal Cluster, Large Natural – 4″

Large, natural Amethyst crystal cluster. Beautiful grape colour with sparkly, sharp points. Tiny Calcite crystals growing between some of the points. This cluster displays nicely. Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Size: 4″ x 2.25″ x 1.75″ Approximately & at … Continued

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Ammonite Fossil - Perisphinctes Virguloides
Ammonite Large White Spined Fossil – Madagascar

Gorgeous perisphinctes virguloides white spiny Ammonite fossil. Jurassic era. Excellent definition and in great condition. Species: Ammonite Perisphinctes (Perisphinctes Virguloides) Location: Morondava, Madagascar Weight: 2.71 kilos or 5.97 pounds Size: 8″ x 6.5″ approximately & at greatest dimensions Probably the … Continued

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Blue Tigers Eye Crystal Wand, Hawk’s Eye – Prieska, South Africa

Gorgeous Blue Tiger Eye gemstone wand. Also known as Hawk’s Eye this beautifully shaped and polished with electric blue colours shimmering over the surface. A beautiful piece. Source: Prieska, Northern Cape, South Africa Size: Just shy of 5″ in length … Continued

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chevron amethyst
Chevron Amethyst Crystal, Double Terminated – Zambia

Large, gorgeously dark, hand polished double terminated chevron Amethyst crystal. Chevron amethyst is characterized by banded Amethyst and clear to milky quartz veins. Source: Zambia Size: 4 1/8″ in length Weight: 200 grams _____________________________________________________________ A 16th century French verse tells … Continued

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crystal meaning cards
Crystal Meaning Cards 75 Crystal Information Cards Instant Download Printable PDF

I created these crystal meaning cards because I was having difficulty finding any I could print and hand out with my stones that were 1. Really Beautiful and 2. Didn’t have someone’s trademark or personal info on. So here to … Continued

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Lepidolite Crystal
Lepidolite Crystal, Silver Leaf Lepidolite – Zimbabwe

Absolutely stunning new material of Lepidolite which has such vibrant silver mica inclusions which appear so beautifully layered on the darker purple Lepidolite. This comes from a new deposit and has been dubbed “Silver Leaf” as on some of the … Continued

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Pyrope Garnet
Pyrope Garnet, Garnet Crystals – Madagascar

Stunning single Pyrope Garnet crystals which have been polished on one or more sides and left natural on the other. These are single large crystals which have been removed from the matrix. One will be chosen for you. How many: … Continued

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Quartz Crystal, Natural Large Quartz – Zimbabwe

Gorgeous, large single natural quartz crystal from a new location in Zimbabwe. A very nice, large crystal to hold. Location: Zimbabwe Weight: 404 grams Size: 5.25″ in length

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raw rose quartz
Raw Rose Quartz – Bulk .5 Kilo / 500 Grams

You will receive one 1/3 kilogram / 500 gram bulk bag of high quality Raw Rose Quartz. Very nice baby pink colour with many having excellent translucency. ***Pictured in the bowl photos is what 500 grams looks like*** Location- Madagascar … Continued

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Sodalite Wand
Sodalite Wand, Large 7.75″ – Namibia

Large Deep Namibian Superblue Gemstone Sodalite Wand. Hand Polished. This blue is the best I’ve seen, very beautiful, my jaw dropped when I took this stone out of its wrapping, the colour is so very gorgeous. A grade. If you … Continued

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Sodalite Wand, Large Sodalite Crystal – Namibia

Large Deep Namibian Superblue Sodalite Gemstone Wand. Hand Polished. This blue is the best I’ve seen, very beautiful, double terminated. Location – Namibia Weight – 1.31 kilo // 2.88 pounds Size – 335 mm / 13″ in length

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star rose quartz sphere
Star Rose Quartz Sphere, Large Rose Quartz Ball

Gorgeous large deep pink Star Rose Quartz sphere. A grade colour and a fantastic, strong star on both sides of sphere in direct sunlight. It can be difficult to catch the star on camera but you can see part of … Continued

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