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Rare Black Ammonite Fossil Pair + Stands


Large Black Ammonite Fossil Pair + Stands


Gorgeous Extra Large A Grade Black Cut and Polished Ammonite Pair – Nice Spiral and Contrasting Colour Definition and Good Pattern
I will include two plastic stands to hold the fossils upright.

Location: Tulear, Madagascar
Weight: 1.52 Kilograms
Size: 168 – 207 mm

_______This item ships for Free to anywhere in Canada or the USA_________

Probably the most famous story about ammonites is the origin of their name. The distinctive coiling of the shell suggested to the ancient Greeks a resemblance to the coiled horns of the ram, they were regarded with special sacred significance due to the Ram-god Ammon who had been adopted from the earlier Egyptian oracle-god Amun. Specimens were known as Cornu Ammonis, or literally ‘Horns of Ammon’, eventually passing into scientific terminology as ammonites. In China, coiled cephalopods also tended to be compared with horns and were called Jiao-shih, or horn stones.